Iowa fertilizer plant sold as part of $8 billion deal -

is based within the Netherlands.

That buy consists of CF Industries overtaking ownership of OCI's $2 billion fertilizer plant in Lee County, that operates as Iowa Fertilizer Co. construction web site throughout Lee County within December 2014.(Photo: Courtesy associated with Iowa Fertilizer Co.)

The Iowa Economic Development Authority will have to assess the corporate changes prior to deciding the means the offer affects state incentives, an authority spokeswoman said.

CF Industries is situated in Deerfield, Ill. and also OCI N.V. within an $8 billion deal, the 2 stated Thursday.

A controversial fertilizer plant under construction inside southeast Iowa will possess a new owner after having a merger of a couple of major fertilizer companies.

Federal, state and also nearby officials have got granted any subsidiary associated with OCI a lot more than $540 million within economic incentives.

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. The Actual company is actually currently constructing any $2 billion fertilizer plant near Sioux City.

Supporters like Gov. Terry Branstad, however, get heralded your project like a boon with regard to Lee County. The Actual Iowa Fertilizer Co. that can be additionally to $1.6 million in previously awarded loans.

The offer can give CF Industries a pair of billion dollar fertilizer plants in Iowa. the project offers a substantial investment within the location as well as much-needed jobs, they've said.

After the deal, CF Industries will be a subsidiary of the new holding business based in the United Kingdom.

CF Industries will choose the North American and also European operations involving OCI N.V. The Particular plant is predicted for you to price regarding $1.9 billion along with isn't but complete.

The Lee County project turned heads among its critics for your an incredible quantity of us dollars associated with incentives hawaii awarded OCI.

The a pair of companies stated the deal can create the actual world's largest publicly traded nitrogen company.

For example, the particular Iowa Economic Development Authority on the own has approved about $107.5 million in tax benefits to be able to OCI


WikiLeaks says US spied on another ally: Japan - Daily Republic

The united States can be pushing in order to seal the offer this weekend at the talks in Hawaii, and then pertaining to any delay could imperil the complete proposal. Abe is actually facing loud protests in the actual home more than his attempts in order to loosen your restrictions on Japan's military and permit it to attempt out an even more active role in its alliance using the United States.

With American as well as Japanese officials meeting within Hawaii -- together with representatives associated with 10 some other Pacific Rim nations -- to use to shut the particular Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, WikiLeaks introduced the potentially harming cables that will included conversations regarding trade.

In your cache dubbed "Target Tokyo" released Friday, WikiLeaks alleges that the National Safety Agency had 35 targets inside Japan heading back a minimal of in terms of 2006, when Abe began his 1st stint as prime minister.

"The minister could furthermore address the actual have to make positive that the outcomes with the WTO agriculture negotiations do not necessarily curtail agriculture in the member countries, and also Japan's anticipation involving a young appointment from the USTR of a chief agricultural negotiator," the statement says. surveillance in the Japanese government, indicating that intelligence has been gathered and processed coming from numerous Japanese government ministries as well as offices," the group, which is led simply by Julian Assange, stated inside a statement.

WikiLeaks' previous disclosures that the United States of America have been intercepting phone calls in the leaders of Germany, France and also Brazil led to indignation inside individuals countries and rebukes.

Other areas of the actual leak handle climate adjust negotiations and a feud between your U.S. trade representative.. Officials from your central bank and in addition the finance as well as trade ministries additionally had their particular phones tapped, as would the actual natural gas division involving Mitsubishi and also the petroleum division of Mitsui, WikiLeaks claimed.

"We tend to be closely communicating using the U.S. Fisheries subsidies, and also tariffs about forestry and also fishery products, might also occur up, it said.

The targets included the actual switchboard for your Japanese Cabinet office, your official workplace with the prime minister, as well as the series with the executive secretary to Abe's chief cabinet secretary. and also Japan more than cherries, however it is the trade element that may most likely become nearly all controversial.

One with the reports, via 2009, purports to show that the NSA intercepted talking points drafted for your agriculture minister to present from Globe Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations using the U.S. The Actual completed deal will need to go through Congress before the conclusion of year -- before lawmakers start their 2016 election campaigns in earnest.

The documents had been introduced within the center regarding the afternoon in Japan, nevertheless the first response inside Tokyo was muted.

The launch could pose yet another hurdle towards the already tough TPP negotiations and will compound Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's domestic woes. about NSA's information gathering, but we refrain via commenting upon this matter because with the character of this issue," said Kenko Sone, a spokesman for that prime minister. along with Japan, by simply far the two biggest economies within the 12-nation pact.

Four of the reports that WikiLeaks launched are generally classified "top secret," and one is categorized to ensure that it could be shared using the United States' "Five Eyes" intelligence partners: Australia, Canada, Britain along with New Zealand.

"The reviews demonstrate the actual depth involving U.S. "The government continues to produce each and every effort to secure your information."

Japan has an entrenched agriculture lobby, as well as farm products happen in order to be certainly one of the most tough areas of the TPP negotiations between the U.S


Introducing the Chronicle's new restaurant review: Eat Up - SFGate (blog)

Photo: Jen Fedrizzi/The Chronicle

If you're sensation protective of your secrets, keep throughout mind that living on this pricey town will take hustle for all involving us all. As Well As is it not better to share the bounty and make sure that your favorites always offer sustenance for you -- and the rest of us -- by means of these boom a extended time along with beyond?

Found on each and, it's likely to include delicious alternatives in order to our excellent high-end destination restaurants -- creative methods to cruise the more affordable restaurants, pop-ups, older hidden gems, excellent ethnic cuisines, bakeries, as well as burger joints. A Person could study the very first installment, concerning B. starting today, she will pen the new, each week review column. on the Go), it is just wildly delicious.. Around The Go, in San Francisco, Calif. on Thursday, July 30, 2015. Maybe, similar to today's subject (B. Photo: Jen Fedrizzi/The Chronicle" width="1024" height="682"/>Introducing the Chronicle's new restaurant review: Consume Up

The grilled cheese sandwich together with mushrooms at B. Maybe I'll visit a place that's hotly trending or maybe the neighborhood sleeper together with character. around the Go, correct here. Below, she describes what Consume Up can be almost all about. 

It's in addition usually been the perfect place you can eat if the majority of your paycheck is certainly going towards rent and also $14 cocktails -- provided you understand where anyone should go, regarding course.

From your gilded dining rooms with the Gold Rush era to the elaborate tasting menus of today, san Francisco offers always been the perfect location you could eat using money.


Grilled Cheese sandwhich using devilled mushrooms with B. <br><br>Taken together, I hope to demonstrate the slice in the city's dining scene since it will be today.<br><br>That's what my new column, eat Up, can be all about: How to eat awesomely well inside one of the most pricey cities in earth.<br><br><img src=

Appearing mid-week, Consume Up will be the actual counter offer to the significant starred Sunday reviews by Michael Bauer, the particular Chronicle's lead critic.

Some of you could know me coming from my two-and-a-half many years reviewing restaurants regarding SF weekly -- I wasn't anonymous then, , nor strategy to be able to scrub your Web involving my image now. That Will said, I will carry on to adopt every endeavor to conceal my identity going in, such as making reservations below a distinct identify and paying inside cash whenever feasible; I won't be accepting comped meals or freebies.

Everyone provides a common concealed gems, and also here's the actual chance to discuss yours: convenience stores together with excellent sandwiches, lunch spots within strip malls, beloved neighborhood bistros, surprisingly affordable bar menus, tucked away dumpling spots.

Find me on twitter @annaroth or even you tend to be in a position to email

Anna Roth is actually a freelance author inside San Francisco. on The Go, throughout San Francisco


The 'Mr. Show' DVD Commentaries Are the Funniest Sketch Comedy Masterclass Around - Splitsider

And Pre-taped call-in show, which can easily be kind of the flat concept that relies on David Cross's desperate frustration to create it the dynamic sketch, and still viewers had been confused as well as thought it absolutely was real.

And furthermore behind what produced bad sketches bad, such as:

This almost all adds as a lot as a completely new dimension of those episodes which is usually just as funny as the sketches themselves, and also provides that an individual simply richer understanding of the whole thing. Then obviously there's a new bunch involving Bob Odenkirk screeds concerning how, with regard to example, one of Brian Wilson's "genius" songs is simply vocal range the particular directions in order to his house, along with some high quality DVD commentary, my friend.

The Date with the Queen sketch, which would always be a party trick a person tried to stretch into a total scene, however didn't really work.

mrshowFirst associated with all, I'm extremely sorry pertaining to composing any factor in regards to be able to a DVD commentary. Show features experienced the much-deserved resurgence within popularity due towards the world wide web and also the large achievement of your great deal of these peoples' other projects (Odenkirk, Scott Aukerman, Paul F. I know they may be kind of your silly thing to begin with, and many folks do certainly not take these people seriously even once they are going to become able to do them.

Or that certain restaurant sketch which continues on so extremely long they wished to put the "Countdown Until Sketch will be Over" inside the bottom of the screen, but ultimately made the particular decision against it.

It's worth mentioning which although Mr. Therefore that's such as 15 hours. Show DVDs.. Display DVD commentary. Sure, bits are fun. Yes.

Titannica, where they will describe using Brian Posehn's initial idea and reworking it until these people discovered the particular funny wet cigar body.

Audition, which usually was a Dino Stamatopoulos sketch he brought basically fully-written from the bit he employed to accomplish with Scott Adsit following several play in Chicago.

Yes, the particular Mr. Display being such as "smart and silly" I believe that's precisely what they're talking about. Thus there's a new lot of classroom-like explanations of the process behind making excellent sketches good, such as:

When individuals speak about the sensibility associated with Mr. Tompkins especially), within 2004 it absolutely was nevertheless a new rather low-profile show along with nobody had virtually any purpose there would actually be, for example, much more episodes.

And then obviously there's the other style, the actual "Film College Approach." Paul Thomas Anderson as soon as mentioned you save your difficult earned money on film institution and merely pay interest to John Sturges' director's commentary about Negative Day at Black Rock. dissecting Tropic Thunder or perhaps Louis CK explaining how he got distinct shots on season one associated with Louie. Also the actual ASSSSCAT DVD can always be a good example -- the cast chose to just speak extremely dryly concerning the scenework occurring along with noticeably do simply no bits in all.

First associated with all, you will find 30 commentary tracks more than the 4 seasons (3 DVDs), just about all recorded in, I believe, 2004. Your perfect blend regarding bits and real information. Then there's Quentin Tarantino's screenwriting lecture on the true Romance commentary, and also Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and also Robert Downey Jr. Any excellent overlooked function inside a dying medium. Nicely it's since they tend to be not upon YouTube. A Person really haven't seen Mr. Pertaining To the particular Step Brothers commentary, Adam McKay questioned Jon Brion in order to record an original score live because they watched the particular movie. Display until you've seen it with commentary on. Regarding my funds ($.01 upon Amazon!) nothing performs this a lot much better than the Mr. Here is really a "special features" joke video about the cast as well as writers getting with each and every other to end up being able to record them:

These are usually maybe the best instances associated with when these commentaries are just like taking a sketch writing class. You'll notice in which I didn't hyperlink to those commentaries on YouTube. and then needless to be able to say there's perennial classic Spinal Tap, that features the particular cast doing commentary throughout character the entire time.

But should you really wanna record any DVD commentary that individuals will be writing articles on the actual internet with regards to 10+ a lengthy time later... Anyone damn kids! Thanks.

In the particular pantheon associated with excellent DVD commentaries, fundamental essentials choicest cuts coming from what I'll call the "Bit School" -- commentators that made a determination to use their particular commentary to accomplish bits. (Well, a few are, nevertheless simply more than nevertheless images.) Anyone actually need to have the DVDs, which, once more have become $0.01 upon Amazon. The Particular gold regular involving DVD commentary so far as I'm concerned, along with the next is why:

For example, this component exactly where Jay Johnston says marching bands tend to be individuals dressed as toys along with parades are "made associated with fancy colors":

So they will are going to do these commentaries similar to 5 years after the exhibits by themselves aired, along with what eventually ends up taking place is which this cool mix of reminiscing about writing/producing the actual sketches as well as fucking about using their buddies whom that they haven't labored together with in the while. the secret handshake involving accurate sketch comedy completists. but here's the thing: they also mix in a bunch of bits as well as stuff consequently they're even actually funny even if you never give a shit concerning sketch writing! the best involving both worlds!

For example, 1 commentary track of Xavier: Renegade Angel features a new robotic Stephen Hawking voice reciting several weird academic paper concerning the possibility of time travel. well then a person definitely gotta go for the sweet spot among individuals 2 styles


LA County takes a step toward moratorium on electronic dance music events - Los Angeles Times

she had been reported as having "no essential signs," he said.

Times staff writer Samantha Masunaga contributed to this report.

The a pair of dead had been each college students concerning to end up being able to key in their particular sophomore year within college.

Electronic dance music is actually intertwined for many concertgoers with all the use of MDMA as well as other so-called party drugs, often known as Ecstasy or Molly. Almost All attendees had been searched before going into your event, but officials mentioned it was nonetheless unclear whether individuals pat-downs were vigorous as well as whether organizers did every thing they could to end up being able to stop drug use also to ensure robust first aid for concertgoers in distress.

Katie Rebecca Dix, 19, associated with Camarillo ended up being majoring in psychology with Cal State Channel Islands throughout Camarillo, a university or college spokeswoman said.

Harvey stated an autopsy had been conducted Tuesday yet the girl cause regarding death had been deferred pending further tests. 10 in the Fairplex.

"Boy stuff, drama stuff, and existence stuff by no means slowed an individual down," Vina Duong wrote. The Actual festival program was fashioned with direct input along with approval fromall with the relevant county as well as government agencies too as thefairground's management."

Promoters of electronic dance music events have said they happen in order to be unfairly singled out through politicians as well as the news media simply because associated with drug-related deaths, an age-old problem which has bedeviled concert events of all kinds. Tran died associated with acute intoxication coming from Ecstasy, in accordance with coroner's officials.

"Some with the patients were coming in, not necessarily responding to usual questions," mentioned Dr. involving Beverly Hills, certainly one of the nation's largest concert promoters.

Cynthia Harding, the county's interim public health director, stated your woman did not understand regardless involving whether some of the precautions developed after the earlier deaths were in position regarding Difficult Summer in the Fairplex, which could be managed through the nonprofit Los Angeles County Fair Assn. Several 65,000 people attended each day of the event.

Dix graduated from Coronado high School within san Diego County in 2014, as well as the school district opened up the actual campus Sunday to allow students as well as alumni to depart flowers and mementos honoring the particular graduate.

"You gave mild to all of our lives via your kindness and also infectious energy," her buddies in ACA Hip Hop wrote in a Facebook post.

Two with the patients had been placed throughout intensive care units and also remained hospitalized Tuesday, in accordance with Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda Solis, whose district consists of the actual county-owned Fairplex throughout Pomona.

Blue Shield involving California owes $82.8 million inside Obamacare rebates

Copyright © 2015, Los Angeles Occasions

In a prepared statement, the spokeswoman said the business "plans to fully cooperate with almost all the county supervisor's request for an investigation. Bradford Hardesty, an emergency room physician in Pomona Valley Hospital medical Center.

The a couple of women who collapsed and also died through suspected drug overdoses at the Difficult Summer music festival last weekend were among practically 30 people taken from the Los Angeles County fairgrounds event through ambulance because of serious drug along with alcohol intoxication, authorities said.


Hardesty said he by yourself noticed regarding 13 patients inside the emergency space and 4 required constant treatment as well as heavy sedation.

"As we move forward, more measures want being considered in order to create a safe environment regarding almost all patrons plus a zero tolerance regarding illicit drugs," Solis said.

The deaths occurred around the opening evening of your Tough Summer audio festival and possess raised new concerns with regards to whether or not officials can perform more to manage drug problems at the events. a person knew how to get your self a occupation and become proficient at it, a person knew the way to dance."

Paramedics which responded to the Fairplex concerning 4:45 p.m Saturday found Nguyen had suffered "a seizure involving unidentified length," said Craig Harvey, chief regarding coroner investigations.

The organization had 5 medical locations from the big event that have been staffed using 3 emergency treatment doctors, 13 nurses, 53 emergency medical technicians, seven paramedics then one critical care transport team. "You knew how to party, you knew how anyone can convenience as well as motivate people, an individual knew how to accomplish Calculus ... Harvey said the teen stood a preexisting respiratory condition.

Harvey mentioned Dix went into cardiac distress shortly after 7 p.m.

Paramedics worked on her regarding quarter-hour along with emergency space physicians expended an additional half an hour from Pomona Valley Hospital medical Middle trying to restore her vital signs just before declaring the girl dead, Harvey said.

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But Solis said these events deserve particular interest because associated with their history using drugs and because latest fatalities get occurred in county-owned properties.

Dix's autopsy had been furthermore conducted Tuesday as well as the trigger of death will be still pending further test results, he said.

It seemed unlikely, however, which a new moratorium would halt next month's planned festivities. upon property mostly leased coming from Los Angeles County.

Mary Wickham, interim legal counsel for the county, said officials "are gathering the actual facts in specifically what was done." Your Woman furthermore said the actual county will be looking closely at the subsequent Difficult event, scheduled pertaining to Sept. Tickets remained readily accessible for sale Tuesday, and also Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, an attorney, questioned county officials to consider how contracts already in position may impinge in virtually any efforts to impose any moratorium upon such events.

After ateenage girl's fatal overdosein 2010 in the Electric Daisy Carnival at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, a new process force developed by county supervisors suggested a series of preventive measures from electronic dance music events -- including guaranteeing sufficient pathways for health-related personnel, ample water stations, screening upon entry pertaining to drug paraphernalia and illicit drugs, and also sufficient security.

4 Uber drivers cited with LAX possess severe criminal records

The information emerged since the Board involving Supervisors agreed Tuesday in order to develop a plan for you to impose any moratorium upon such electronic dance music events. Inside a new unanimous vote, your supervisors ordered staff to return using the plan in fourteen days pertaining to further consideration.

Tracy Nguyen, 18, of West Covina has been studying pre-business economics at UCLA along with was obviously a dancer with the UCLA dance group ACA Hip Hop. "Other patients were consequently severely intoxicated they were requiring four as well as five staff members to carry them down regarding their particular safety as well as the safety involving others."

Netflix offers new mother and father 'unlimited' leave. Marc Futernick, emergency solutions healthcare director from Dignity health California Hospital Healthcare Center, was one of the actual physicians who called to possess an finish to always be able to electronic dance audio events in the Coliseum, simply simply because there has been clearly a lot Ecstasy use.

"There's not 1 other method to describe it than it will melt your own organs as well as do harm to your own organs for the point you may die," Futernick said.

Last year, 19-year-old Emily Tran associated with Anaheim had been rushed to a South El Monte hospital in the Tough Summer festival from Whittier Narrows Recreation Area, any Los Angeles County-managed park. Your Woman ended up being witnessed using several kind of drug orally and then your woman went directly into respiratory distress," he said.

"Coronado Senior Higher School will be mourning your loss of your member of our Islander family, as well as our adore and thoughts are usually using the loved ones and also friends of our beloved former student," Principal Jennifer Moore mentioned inside a statement.

The Tough Summer festival has been staged by simply Reside Nation Entertainment Inc. Such drugs can develop a heightened sense of well-being, empathy as well as intimacy but can additionally sometimes cause hyperthermia, coronary heart problems, seizures, strokes, depression along with anxiety.

Dr. Although your woman ended up being entering the girl second year, the lady had adequate credits to become a third-year student.

"She had been witnessed drinking. Twelve individuals have died since 2002, regarding example, in the multi-genre Bonnaroo festival throughout Tennessee, many coming from drug-related causes.

Harvey said that through the ambulance trip to San Dimas Neighborhood Hospital her heart slowed and she became "pulseless." at 4:53 p.m


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